Thirsty Nomad Brewing

Thirsty Nomad is a small craft brewery and taproom in the Charlotte, NC area. We have a steampunk aesthetic with a healthy dose of geekiness. We love great beer, great friends, and great experiences. Starting 7/29, we're open Fridays 4pm - 10pm, Saturdays 12pm - 10pm, and Sundays 12pm - 8pm

TNB Homebrew Tap Takeover Tourney

In the days of yore (Spring 2017) Thirsty Nomad Brewing did invite a myriad (10) of homebrewers to brew beers of their choosing to be served on tap for Charlotte Craft Beer Week of April 2017. This event was a great success. Being not fools, the elders of Thirsty Nomad Brewing did foretell that "we'll do this again."

In accordance with prophecy, the time has come to select brewers to feature on tap at Thirsty Nomad Brewing during Charlotte Craft Beer Week 2017. To that end, the [possibly] wise elders have decreed that homebrewers will be selected to show off their skills via a competition. The rules are as below.

Competition Website is here:


  • Limit of 50 total entries.
  • Entry fee: $7 for the first entry, $5 for each additional
  • No entries can be brewed on commercial equipment or at a commercial brewery.
  • Entrants must not be professional brewers.
  • Each entry must include two (2) unmarked 12oz glass bottles. No bottles with embossing or raised lettering or otherwise identifiable markings.
  • Each bottle should be labeled with one AHA bottle ID form ( We recommend putting them in a plastic baggie and rubber-banding them to the bottle.
  • Open to all BJCP 2015 beer styles (no meads or ciders) so long as fermentation temperature is between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, no aging beyond 2 weeks is required (and must be at room or refrigerator temperature), and no wild yeast, bacteria or kettle souring is called for. E.g. if you can make a great German Pils that ferments at 65 degrees, then go for it.
  • You must use at least one ingredient other than water or yeast that is produced in North Carolina. This could be hops, malt, or some adjunct such as honey, molasses, wood, fruit, vegetable, or something else that is legal (e.g. no liquor) and you can demonstrate that it is from North Carolina.
  • You must submit a recipe along with your entry that includes all ingredients, mash steps, fermentation temperatures and procedures, and any special procedures.


  • Scoring will be according to BJCP rules and styles. Categories may be combined based on number of entries. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each category will receive ribbons.
  • In addition to scoring according to BJCP category, beers will be divided into one of 5 broad categories and ranked:

    • Dark and Malty
    • Light and Fizzy
    • Hoppy and/or Bitter
    • Fruited, Herb, and Spice
    • High Gravity

    The top two beers in each category plus one more for our beer engine will be selected to be brewed on site to be served at our Charlotte Craft Beer Week Homebrew Tap Takeover 2018.

  • The 1st place entry in each category will advance to the Best of Show (BOS) round with a single, overall Best of Show beer selected. The top 3 BOS beers will receive prizes at the organizer's discretion.
  • Both score sheets and awards will be available for pick up the week following judging. Ribbons and score sheets not picked up will be mailed back to participants. Results will be posted to the competition web site after judging concludes.


  • Registration deadline is September 29, 2017
  • Entries must be to TNB by October 29, 2017
  • Judging will be on November 12, 2017
  • Tap Takeover brewing will be scheduled December 2017 - February 2018