Thirsty Nomad Brewing

Thirsty Nomad is a small craft brewery and taproom in the Charlotte, NC area. We have a steampunk aesthetic with a healthy dose of geekiness. We love great beer, great friends, and great experiences. Starting 7/29, we're open Fridays 4pm - 10pm, Saturdays 12pm - 10pm, and Sundays 12pm - 8pm

Femme Fatale

This beauty is the avatar for our brown ale. There's not a lot to say about brown ales in general. When you ask people about their favorite craft beers, brown ales don't often come up. Still, most craft beer drinkers I talk to like them. Partly because we wanted to add a little excitment - and partly as a nod to Pam Grier - we decided this beer should be our Femme Fatale.

This brown ale is more in the English style. Malt forward, with notes caramel and hints of coffee and roast. There's just enough hops to keep it balanced, but no real hop character. She's smooth and easy drinking in the heat of Summer or dark of Winter.