Thirsty Nomad Brewing

Thirsty Nomad is a small craft brewery and taproom in the Charlotte, NC area. We have a steampunk aesthetic with a healthy dose of geekiness. We love great beer, great friends, and great experiences. Starting 7/29, we're open Fridays 4pm - 10pm, Saturdays 12pm - 10pm, and Sundays 12pm - 8pm

What I've been up to

I haven't been terribly active on the social media lately, so I wanted to take this opportunity to summarize a little bit what I've been doing to push the brewery along. For various reasons that I need to keep to myself, I've been waiting. Some things will be coming to fruition at the first of the year, so I've been holding off on doing anything on the looking for space and paperwork-y front.

I've been brewing a lot of the same beer, which is abnormal for me. Generally, I don't brew the same beer twice in a row because I don't go through a lot of beer. A friend asked me for 150 bottles of The Nomad Pale Ale, so I said "Hell yeah." 

What 150 12oz. bottles of beer looks like.

You'll notice I rand out of plain silver caps part of the way through bottling and had to switch to the few "N" caps I had left. I apparently can't count.

The whole experience was interesting because I generally have to keep referring to my brew sheet for what to do next. By the third batch, I could have left the clipboard at home. I didn't, because I like to be prepared, but it's the thought that counts.

I've also been working on control panel #1 for the all electric, 1 barrel brewery (of doom?). I'm in the wiring stage right now. I though that drilling holes in steel was a pain in the ass. I was wrong. Cutting and stripping wire and crimping terminals is damn tedious.

The exterior, in case you hadn't noticed.

The innards.

I'm about halfway done on that. I've learned a lot that will make the second panel much simpler to build. As an aside, I have also learned that I can barely hold my phone steady to take a picture, and the lighting in my apartment has a definitive yellowish tinge.