Thirsty Nomad Brewing

Thirsty Nomad is a small craft brewery and taproom in the Charlotte, NC area. We have a steampunk aesthetic with a healthy dose of geekiness. We love great beer, great friends, and great experiences. Starting 7/29, we're open Fridays 4pm - 10pm, Saturdays 12pm - 10pm, and Sundays 12pm - 8pm

Not so deep thoughts

I wasn't really sure what to blog about today. So I figure I won't waste time with something poorly thought out and rambling.

Today is Veterans Day in the USA, where we "honor American veterans of all wars." In general, people say "Thank You" to veterans they know, buy a veteran a meal or a drink, or perform some similarly transient showboating on Facebook and/or Twitter. I get it, it's human nature. We're all stuck in our day to day lives and only pull our heads out when poked. I do similarly silly things like give some beer to some Marines I happen to know. I don't think that shows enough respect, so how about this: As soon I get through the arduous process of opening, any veteran can come in any day of the year and get a half price pint. Hopefully you'll drink more than one :) For the record, I like this veteran's idea even better.

Speaking of opening - I've been poking the local zoning board and state Alcoholic Beverage Control to get some clarity on whether or not my idea from a few posts back is legal (it appears to be so far) and under what conditions I'd have to implement it. Once I get some clear answers in writing (waiting on the state), I'll feel comfortable cashing out my retirement fund and making this madness a reality.  

And on the heels of my last post  about trademarks and trolling, there's this most recent exchange (that I heard about) between Goldenrod brewing and Golden Road Brewing. I'm less annoyed by this one, though I think Golden Road could have gone the phone call route and they could have worked something out so that Goldenrod wouldn't have to change its name. But, that's business. I have more of a problem with the previously mentioned Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer vs. Vampire Brands and TI Beverage Group because the latter went straight to litigation and didn't even bother with a reach around. I know it's all completely legal, and perhaps either Clown Shoes or Golden Road could have prevented the trouble with some careful research. Legality is fine and dandy. Nobody likes someone who doesn't even bother to send an email to work out a problem. Second, it's actually pretty difficult and time consuming to search for all the beer labels, brands, and company names in the world and determine where potential conflicts may arise. There's no central registry for it all, and the tools to search the ones that exists are somewhat archaic. So, that's why I pay a lawyer, and why it's Thirsty Nomad Brewing instead of Pathfinder Brewing.

And now it's time to get a damn beer.